No “Department of Alexis Agyepong-Glover” — sadly.

The Washington Post today reports that one social worker has been fired and two others disciplined for “mishandling” the case of Alexis Agyepong-Glover, 13 years old, whose adoptive mother is accused of abusing and murdering her. The details are horrifying.

The county supervisors have added a full TWO additional social workers! Be still my heart!

“Ledden (Director of Social Services) has also been meeting with county Police Chief Charlie T. Deane to discuss how their departments can better coordinate and share information, and he might ask the county to petition the General Assembly for less-restrictive laws governing what information can be shared across agencies in child abuse cases.” Duh!

GIVEN that budgets are tighter than ever, and social workers are always paid DIRT, we need some tools to make their lives both easier and more productive. And the clients need them to be able to do the jobs they signed up for.

My “Department of Mary Jones” on Facebook idea would be just such a loosely-coupled system – easy to read, easy to post, and two million Americans are already “trained” on it — at no cost to government. See those posts.

And cry me a river for Lexie.

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