Cross Postings

As noted under “About,” I have started writing columns for the “Better, Faster, Cheaper” website run by the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard’s Kennedy School. For a number of years I’ve also been a judge for the Innovations in American Government Awards, run by the Ash Institute for the past twenty years.

Here are the three columns I’ve written this year:

1. Data to the People – A Tour of DC

One local’s experience with DC’s Apps for Democracy, which puts public information into the palm of your hand—literally

2. Not Being There

Report Reviews Use of “Telework” by Federal Agencies

3. Homelessness: Think Strategically, Act Humbly

The problem of homelessness has proven vexing for a long time. There were homeless people before that couple in a stable, and there still are – two thousand years later.

As we lawyers say, the columns are “not unrelated” to the design of government – those issues are just not explicitly addressed.

Happy New Year!

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